Bulk condoms save you money

bulk-condomsWhy buy condoms from your local Drug Store?

Are you in need of BULK condoms for:

  • Non profit organization?
  • For distributing in your clinic or school?
  • To sell in your own store?

Did you know that most local Condom retailers only carry condom packs up from 3 to 36 counts? If you use a brand name such as Trojan; your per condom cost could be as high as $1.30 for each condom.

What if you need more?  Say you need 48 condoms of your favorite brand. Would you buy two 24-packs?  If you did, you would now have 48 condoms at the 24 pack price.  Many do this without realizing that there are greater pack quantities available online saving you on the per condom cost.

The real truth is this. The approximate cost difference per condom between a 3 count pack and a 1000 count case can be $1.30 per condom (3-pack) compared to $0.10 to $0.25 per condom (1000 count).

Yes you read that right…bulk condoms as low as 10 cent per condom compared to $1.30 per condom for the same Brand and Style!


Did you know that condoms have a shelf life of 3 years or more from date of manufacture?  With that length of usability why would anyone buy a 3-pack? Therefore buying BULK condoms can make sense for many.  Even if half of the bulk purchase condoms expired; you will have still likely saved a considerable amount per condom.

Don’t need 100 or even 1000 condoms at once?  Maybe other family or friends do.  Consider making a bulk purchase or simply buy the larger count pack.  At the lower per condom cost from bulk you may consider donating some to an organization or charity.

Convinced?  Choose one of the online merchants below for a wide selection of bulk condoms and more. Find the Brand and Style that’s best for you. Why pay a dollar or more for each condom when you can buy in bulk and save BIG on each condom!